Floods can happen at any time and can have a damaging effect. They are brought about by rising levels of ground water, hillside run-off from unexpected, burst water drains and overflowing of seas and rivers.

Flood water can result in varying levels of damage depending on the degree of its severity. Walls, floors, soft furnishings, building structures and even furniture can be damaged.

After a flood therefore, it is of great importance to have your home/premises assessed immediately by a specialist in flood water damage to ensure that every affected item is removed and quickly dried. This helps to reduce and put a stop to any further structural damage, while limiting the likelihood of mold development that can lead to rise of health issues such as pneumonia and asthma.

Flood water sometimes contains hazardous sewage because of excess water getting into the sewers causing them to burst.

As a flood damage specialist, we understand the importance of dealing with the problem well before it gets out of hand. We know how to deal with the damage as well as the harmful remnants that are often left behind after a flood. Our job is to provide a fast and proficient cleanup solution to both residential and commercial property owners.

Our highly trained professionals efficiently and quickly ensure your equipment and property is disinfected and cleaned up to its original state helping to minimize the disruption brought about by flooding and getting rid of any health risks linked with hazardous flooding waters. If needed, our specialist odor removal equipment is used to make sure that a fresh and hygienic smelling environment is re-instated. We also carry out swabbing after and before disinfection, depending on the certification level required for the equipment and premises.

When it comes to systematically disinfecting whole buildings and rooms, our specialists make use of the most up-to-date technology. By cleansing the surfaces and air of contaminated walls and floors, rooms will be safe to live in and start the process of rebuilding.

Not only does our technology stop bacteria and other health care risks caused by flood water, combined with expertise, our services leave behind a refreshing residual scent that is sorely required when fighting damp odors and musty smells that are common with flood damage.

A flood damage emergency comes confusion and despair, particularly if you aren’t aware of who to call or what to do. Don’t panic. We will provide you with a peace of mind by solving the problem for you and ensuring that your home/premises is in good condition once again. Keep in mind, whether flood damage is as a result of a broken pipe, faulty appliance, heavy rainfall, backed up sewer or any other cause, prompt action is of essence.

Safety always comes first. So, first and most important, if you feel your safety is at risk in the event of a flood damage emergency, get out of the property. Luckily, most flood damage situations aren’t life threatening. So one may be want to enter a flooded area in your building or home to assess the damage. Take precautions if you feel you need such as calling a flood damage specialist like us to help with the situation.